8 Best Yoga Shorts for Women Review 2021

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Best Yoga Shorts for Women: When it comes to finding the best yoga shorts, there are a few factors to consider. According to the editors of our YogatoHealing, the most important is that shorts should be versatile: comfortable, stretchable and that fit your body in the right way.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best yoga shorts for women, ranging in all sizes, so that you can find your perfect pair!

Our editors independently research, test, and advise on the best products. We can get a commission on purchases made from our chosen link.

1. Best Long High Waist Yoga Shorts: BALEAF Women’s High Waisted Yoga Shorts Long

What does the manufacturer claim? – Made to help you walk and stretch easily, Baleaf women’s high waist yoga shorts feature a high, anti-slip, tummy control waistband and anti-chafing flatlock seams. Three types of inseams are available. Side pockets are essential for your mobile phone, cards, and keys.

Our review: These high waist shorts give your belly space. The 8 ” inseam is a comfortable length on your thighs – not too short or long. The feet didn’t ride up either. The pockets are perfect for your big phone. The right thickness of fabric – passed the squat test (No see-through while squatting).

Fit and high rise Small and could be stretchier
Large side pockets and hidden pocketsToo light to provide stomach control
Machine and hand wash
Good Price

2. Best Budget Long High Waist: Custer’s Night

What does the manufacturer claim? – These high waist out-of-pocket yoga shorts for women are made from the highest quality fabric designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort. 4-way stretch and non-see-through fabric. Perfect for yoga sessions, exercise, any fitness routine, any type of workout, and for everyday use. Secure hidden pocket that holds simple items such as keys or credit cards.

Our review: These yoga shorts are put through very strenuous workouts (running, jumping jacks, squats). There are two large pockets on each side and a small pocket in front of the waistband. They are thick and do not show underwear lines and you will not have to worry about a plumber’s crack.

Gusseted Crotch Design Runs down the waist
Clothes designed to remove
moisture from your body
Not flattering

3. Best Short Yoga Shorts: ODODOS High Waist Tummy Control Yoga Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – ODODOS Women’s High Waist Yoga Shorts feature a high, slip-free, belly-flat waistband and four-free flatlock seam. Three types of inseams are available. The side pockets are perfect for your phone or keys, easy to use. Perfect for yoga, biking, hiking, running, jogging, volleyball, exercise, fitness, weightlifting, any kind of workout, is also good for walking, for home, or everyday casual use.

Our review: Everyone’s body is different, so what will fit on one person may not fit on you based on your body type. Fits large. Nothing emerges. It didn’t roll either. They are good because they are above your belly button and flush out unwanted bumps. The material is good and thick! The seams are strengthened and stitched well. The crotch does not have a cotton liner. Great vibe.

Has a length of 5 ” Not for tall girls
Deep and wide pocketsThe size chart is too wrong
Buttery soft cloth

4. Best Long Bermuda Yoga Shorts: BALEAF Yoga Bermuda Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – BALEAF Women’s Active Cotton Bermuda Workout Shorts Walking Pajama Night Long Pockets Long Night Shirts Shorts. Comfort and Stretchy Dresses. Solid color: 88% cotton / 12% spandex. Engineered to feel like a comforting hug. Designed for walking around the house, jogging, walking, running, yoga, workouts, gym fitness, indoor pajama bottoms, and daily casual wear.

Our review: Nice fabric, not thick like sweat, but heavier than thin jersey shorts. Two deep front pockets for cell phone or lip balm, a nice back pocket. The waistband is quite wide with a stitched channel for the drawstring. Due to this, elastic also keeps rolling. If you like the high-waisted ones (like your belly button) and don’t put a little bit of force on the waist, you’ll probably love them!

Elastic waistband and adjustable drawersFitting varies in different sizes
Side pocket available
Great length
Back pocket

5. Best Budget Short Yoga Shorts: Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Shorts for Women with 2 Side Pockets, Tummy Control

What does the manufacturer claim? – 4 ways to be used through the fabric and non-see-through fabric. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. Dragon fit compression yoga shorts combine fashion, function, and performance. These Dragon Fit Workout Running Yoga Shorts for Women are made from the highest quality clothing designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort. The fabric is designed to perfectly contour your body, giving you a streamlined look.

Our review: They fit perfectly without any bulge, no camel toe, no butt wedgie from the back seam, no muffin top, they don’t roll down or up, and no slit of my thighs. Shows some perspiration but of course it is with more cotton content.

Good for YogaNot for running
Elastic closureThinner elastic at the top
Secure side pockets on each side

6. Best Hot Yoga Shorts: ChinFun High Waisted Hot Yoga Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – Pay attention to the needs and desires of yogis, Chinfun has dedicated itself to create the most sought-after yoga wears. The best yoga shorts should be made to know how to fit the body, shape the body, while still keeping a streamlined look, and enable the wearer to perform at their maximum. High-rise, wide waistband design for muffin tops with maximum coverage when bending and stretching. Slip-free, tummy-flattening, and chuff-free ergonomic seams, our yoga shorts and yoga leggings are perfect for fitness enthusiasts as well as everyday athlete backs, with a wide range of comfort and speed.

Our review: The material was very good at keeping it cool and dry. The pouch was well sewn and kept things separate and comfortable without being over-tightened. Short was breathing and never felt hot. They fall slightly below / just below your belly button in terms of high waist. No camel toe. Not looking through.

Deep side pocketKeeps the phone right but runs small
Triangle crotch gussetsSnug in the beginning
4 needles 6 thread stitching
4-way stretch

7. Best Thinnest Shorts: CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling Yoga Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – Naked Feeling Series is meant to be soft and restriction-free. We make the Naked Feeling Series using high-tech MICROFIBERS and advanced tight KNIT technology. Due to these two creative methods, naked felt leggings are super lightweight and thin, while still being squat-proof.

Our review: Honestly, they feel like you haven’t worn anything, they are so comfortable. They smell strange, almost like burnt plastic, right out of the packaging but the smell is no longer there after washing them. The material is very soft and they do not squeeze the cellulite behind your feet as other shorts do. Very flattering!

Hidden pocketSize varies in different colors
Feeling naked clotheRolls while Squating
Seamless high waistband

8. Best Cotton Shorts: BALEAF Women’s Organic Cotton Yoga Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – We created these high-coverage casual summer shorts with extra room to keep up with your speed and long progress. High waist and all girls fit their sports or casual look with crop tops and tees. It has an elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring for a custom fit. Large side pockets and rear pockets for adequate storage of your valuables. Skin-friendly and soft cotton fabrics provide a smooth, low-friction performance.

Our review: The material is soft (almost feels velvety on the inside) and they are the right thickness. These are 88% / 12% and there are lots of movements without stretching – you can’t beat them for the price! The legs are not too big to open, so they shape your feet and bottom well.

Drawstring closureThe waistband is too tight
Elastic waistbandShorts are not a consistent size
Side pockets


We hope that you must have liked our team’s effort and research which they have put while choosing the Best Yoga Shorts for Women and make you decide which one will fulfill your needs and requirements.

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