Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana Easy Guide for Beginners

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How to do Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana Pose step-by-step

Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana (in Sanskrit) is such a pose, during which the body appears in the position of an arrow placed above the bow. According to yoga experts, this pose is one of the very beneficial poses and its regular practice has many benefits to the body. Let us then today tell you the method to practice Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana and important things related to it.

1. Sit comfortably on the yoga mat.

2. The head, shoulders, and back will remain straight.

3. Place the palms on the thighs and breathe deeply.

4. Move the right hand towards the big toe of the right foot.

5. Keep the right leg straight.

6. Grab the toe and pull the right foot towards the face.

7. Bend down to reach the big toe of your left foot with the left hand.

8. Left foot should be firmly on the ground

9. Move the right foot with the right hand in front of the face towards the right ear.

10. When lifting the left leg with the right hand, take a deep breath while exhaling.

11. Keep your torso and neck straight while doing Archer Pose

12. Stay in the bow position for 20 seconds.

13. Exhale and return to your original position.

14. Do Archer Pose with the left leg and the right leg for one repetition.

15. Repeat this Pose at least twice with each leg

16. Keep breathing at a normal pace.

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What are the Benefits of Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana?

Strengthen Body:

Daily practice of Archer Pose maintains the balance of the body and strengthens the arms, legs, and back.

Positive Effect:

Apart from this, it also has a positive effect on the lungs, kidney and digestive system, etc. Along with this, it can also provide relief from headaches.

Cure Constipation:

The problem of constipation is also removed by the practice of this yoga pose. Talking about mental benefits keeps the mind calm.

Strengthens Legs:

Strengthens the muscles of the legs by giving them the best stretch.

Strong Core:

Helps to tone the core muscles of the body.

Blood Circulation:

Helps in increasing blood circulation throughout the body. By doing this asana regularly, the blood flow becomes regular in the entire veins and nerves.

Remove Digestive Problems:

It removes digestive problems. Helps in curing chronic constipation also. Removes pain in the large intestine and lower abdomen.

Better Lungs:

Expands the lungs and develops the ability to breathe.


Increases flexibility in many parts of the body.

Vein Occlution:

Archer’s pose is very good in the case of vein occlusion.

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Precaution while doing Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana

  • Archer’s pose is very good in the case of vein occlusion.
  • If someone has an injury in his back, knee, or elbow or there is a problem of pain in any part of the body, then he should not practice this yoga pose.
  • Women should also avoid practicing this yoga pose during periods and pregnancy.
  • Apart from this, people suffering from problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and slip disc should also keep a distance from the practice of this pose.
  • This asana should not be done even if there is a serious illness.
  • Do not do this pose in case of diarrhea.
  • If you have knee pain or arthritis, practice only with the support of the wall.
  • Heart and high blood pressure patients should not do this Pose.
  • In the beginning, do Archer Pose only under the supervision of a yoga trainer.
  • You can also do this Pose on your own when the balance is achieved.

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Things to keep in mind before doing Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana

  • The practice of Archer Pose should be done only in the morning.
  • If you are doing this pose in the evening, then take food 4 to 6 hours before.
  • Do defecation before the pose and the stomach should be completely empty.

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Poses to be done before Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana

  • Hero Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Upward Facing Dog Pose
  • Bridge Pose

Poses to be done after Archer Pose or Akarna Dhanurasana

  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
  • Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

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