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When it comes to finding the best women’s yoga pants or workout leggings, there are some factors to consider. According to many YogatoHealing editors, the most important is that leggings should be versatile: comfortable for yoga at home and smooth enough to walk in the neighborhood.

Our editors independently research, test, and advise on the best products. We can get a commission on purchases made from our chosen link.

1. Best Budget: G4Free High Waist Straight Leg Yoga Pants with Pockets for Women:

1.Best Budget G4Free High Waist Straight Leg Yoga Pants with Pockets for Women

What does the manufacturer claim? – We have designed these high waists and non-see-through yoga pants which can remove moisture from the wearer and enable you to perform at your best. These leggings are designed not just for workouts, but also for day-long casual wear. You can wear it at home, in the gym, outdoor for jogging, cycling, hiking, travel, shopping, and other occasions. A must-have in your yoga wardrobe, and pair with sports bras or workout tops!

Our review: The material inside them is black, so there is no way to see through them and they fit like a glove. They do not slide down with movement, are very comfortable, do not attract pet hair/lint/fudge, etc.  NO ATTENTION AT ALL !!! The phone fits very well in the pocket (the pocket hidden in the waistband is different from normal, but holds the cards without worrying about losing them) and they keep up well with washing, shrinkage, and no pilling.

Side pocket pantsNot for the curvy body type
Includes an inner waist pocketToo long for short people
Gusseted Crotch for maximum comfort
4-way stretch
Suitable thickness

2. Best Power Flex: Oalka Women Yoga Capris

What does the manufacturer claim? – Olka Active Wear-Running Capri Pants are made from advanced flexible fabric composition, which provides support and removes moisture and sweats for maximum comfort, will not go down nor shrug and work. Capri would be very comfortable for sparring, make these yoga Capri leggings ideal for everything from squats and lunges to barrels to chat on the mat. The more vibrant and beautiful patterns of Olka High Waist Yoga Pants are comfortable, versatile, durable, and multifunctional as solitary, wearing pants or as workout leggings, being able to wear them around the house, outside the city, to work in CrossFit Must be enabled for. To hike, and under his ski clothes.

Our review: They stay in place (no rolling) while doing stretches, planks, etc. They fit perfectly. They are thick but breathable, so they are not looking through AT ALL! It has a built-in pocket for the phone inside.

Elastic WaistbandVery large
Flatlock sewingSee-through
in other colors
Mashed crochet

3. Best High Waisted: ODODOS Women’s High Waist Yoga Capris with Pocket

What does the manufacturer claim? – ODODOS Women’s High Waist Yoga Capris with Pocket, Workout Sports Running Athletic Capris Leggings with Pocket Made from a mix of 4 types of stretch fabric and designed to eliminate wetness from your body and providing maximum comfort. Each piece heats the muscles, compresses, and shapes the body while enabling the wearer to maximize their performance. Out of 2 pockets, 2 easy-access leg pockets prevent your SMARTPHONE and more

Our review: These are so comfortable that you almost forget that you have worn them !! You put them on the running errands, and they do a leisurely 3-hour drive, go to dinner/movies, or just chilling at home. They come over the belly button, and they go there, no pinching, rolling, etc. The feet stay in one place. They are a little shiny, they are not matte, and they do not draw too much.

28 colors availablePocket is not deep
Elastic closureThe waistband does
not stay up
Chafe-free and ergonomic

4. Best Boot-Cut: ODODOS Women’s Boot-Cut Yoga Pants

What does the manufacturer claim? – ODODOS Women’s Boot-Cut Yoga Pants Tummy Control Workout Bootleg Yoga Pants are made from a mixture of 4 types of stretch fabric and designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort. The fabric is designed to contour perfectly in your body, giving you a streamlined look. No muffin top and high-rise, wide waistband for maximum coverage when bending and pulling. Hidden waistband pocket for stealing your key or card.

Our review: These pants fit every curve perfectly! The quality of the material looks amazing and the stitching is impeccable. Its elasticity is firm and comfortable. The key to keeping color for any pants is to wash them in cold water and let them out inside.

100% Full Money Back GuaranteeFitting varies in different colors
Available in a variety of colorsWide bottom for bootcut
Feel comfortable under any movement
Natural and tidy appearance

5. Best for Hiding Cellulite: Colorfulkoala women’s high waist yoga pants with pockets

What does the manufacturer claim? – Designed to be butter-soft, these opaque yoga pants are the perfect blend of polyester and spandex, allowing you to adjust all your complex yoga poses. Flushing against your skin, these yoga pants go on without a tickle, pinch, or pull for a relaxing submerged yoga workout with you.

Our review: It is fully gripped but it is not tight, it stretches, but is not seen through it! It is very comfortable around your waist and the length is on your ankles. It appears to be very well made based on the quality of fabric and stitching. For $ 25, it won’t be too annoying if you have to replace them in 6 months.

Squat proofDo not sweat the most
during intense cardio days
Great lengthSize varies slightly between colors
Pocket is great
Stay in place during workouts
Underwear lines are not visible through

6. Best Design: Heathyoga Bootleg Yoga Pants for Women

What does the manufacturer claim? – Heathyoga bootcut yoga pants with pockets have all passed a professional squat test, meaning they are all non-through. They stay in place during workouts and do not ride. The high waistband of yoga pants can hold your waist area very well. The extra length at the top helps with the belly and the band is not too thick, so it will not create a bulge and abdominal compression on the other hand will make you look thinner. With two large side pockets, you can keep your personal belongings during workouts. Don’t worry, all of them are enough to fit your big phone.

Our review: Pant is slightly larger than the bottom part. The fabric is soft and it is not very thin! Looks double. The pockets are of good size and they are very comfortable. The material is soft, the pocket is perfectly placed. If the original shape does not fit your body, you can simply cut off the extra parts of the pants to fit your body perfectly, and then there is no need to hem the edges. All of this can be done by yourself!

Money-back warrantyVery long
Do not see throughNeed help with the size guide
Stomach control
The spare part can be cut off

7. Best Cotton Pant: BALEAF Women’s Cotton Yoga Pants

What does the manufacturer claim? – The Baleaf stands for the winner to defeat every challenge in the long life journey. We are happy to be a witness to your self-achievement and encourage you to unleash your ambition. It has an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring for a custom fit. It also has a large side pocket with a back patch for convenience.

Our review: We would describe them as a middleweight cotton/spandex type material (like a pair of leggings), but brilliantly comfortable joggers in sweatpant design. They are not heavyweight or fleet-lined like normal sweatpants but are lighter like cotton pajama pants. High waist and back pockets are good features.

Elastic waistbandNot for fleshy calves
Side pockets
No piling

8. Best tummy control: IUGA bootcut yoga pants tummy control

What does the manufacturer claim? – IUGA bootcut pants contain 25% of spandex and are super stretchy and soft. 75% polyester maintains its shape and is very durable, easily washed, and dried. When you put them on they feel like other skin, they fit comfortably on the waist, hips, and feet. They are thick enough for work dress pants and see-through non-guaranteed.

Our review: Great workout pants that are squat-proof. Good high waistband so that they don’t ride on the back, super stretchy and pretty soft material, but when stretched in a squat, it doesn’t go away to see that the material doesn’t feel thicker than other pants. The front pocket can carry a phone and a set of keys, and the back pocket can easily carry a card or other small item.

Two front pocketsA bottom bit too wide
Two back pocket
It is designed keeping in mind
the busy working women of today.
No piling

Buying Guide for Women Yoga Pants

New to Yoga? A veteran of practice? No matter your level of experience or ability, we are here to guide you through the process leading up to the recommended purchase. To customize what you get out of your yoga pants, it is mandatory to choose the pair that best suits the style of your favorite exercise.

Length and style

When choosing a pair you first need to consider what length and style are best for you and what type of yoga you practice. No one wants their clothes to be worn with their clothes, nor does they want to wear anything needless or uncomfortable.

Full length vs Capri

We tested several full-length and Capri models in this review. The caprice ends from below the knee to the mid-calf, or around the enum of about 19–20 inches. Whether you prefer long pants vs. a Capri or even a short practice, it is a matter of personal preference, as well as the climate you live in and the type of yoga you practice.

Hot yoga practitioners often wear as little as possible in their hot studios, while you are not leaving your home in shorts or caprices in the middle of winter in the Northeast. All the Capri models we tested are available in full-length leggings.

Straight or flared leg vs leggings

Some people feel that their legs look odd or short in leggings and prefer the look of straight cut or flared leg. Others like the feeling of leggings during strict classes as fewer material flutters around. Others like to practice in leggings, but wear fluffy legs around the house when they are having flaws or fun.

While you’ve probably already made up your mind about how your preferences lie, we generally like to practice in leggings versus panting. Fashion trends are also making it harder to find straight and boot cut options, which should be your priority.


Three options are there when it comes to what kind of material a yoga pant is made up of: cotton, synthetics, and cotton-synthetic blends. There are pros and cons to each.


Cotton is considered a “natural fiber”, as it is grown rather than manufactured from synthetic materials such as plastics. Properties include:

• Soft Realization

• resistant to chilling

• Shed tablets when they form

• Absorbing moisture

• not as breath-taking as synthetics

• Chances of fading


Many different synthetic fibers are used in yoga pants. The most common are polyester, nylon, and spandex. You can see words like “lycra” spandex or “suplex” nylon, which are trademarks of a specific type of this fabric. Synthetic materials are known for:

• Moisture-reducing properties

• tendency to shoot

• Size Retention

• Strong smell after sweating.

• Not soft like cotton against the skin

Cotton-Synthetic Blends

After reading the above lists, you will see that each fabric has positive and negative qualities. We love a pair that combines the gentle feeling of cotton with wicking and breathable properties of moisture without stink or pills! Unfortunately, when mixing the two in cotton/synthetic blends, you end up with everything.

While we have tested cotton-synthetic blends in the past, we excluded them from the review this time because we have yet to find a pair that performs well. Materials engineering is constantly improving, so who knows what the future of these blends is, but in the meantime the best option is synthetic.

Why is synthetic the best?

If you see an endurance athlete or climber, you will see that their gear is usually all synthetic. Cotton kills are also a popular catchphrase. While we don’t have to worry about a pair of cotton yoga pants due to our demise in the yoga studio (that you’re trying without proper alignment! It’s more likely to happen!), We learn a lot. Can! The best performers are extreme athletes wearing clothes.


Manufacturers add various features to their yoga pants, some of which we like and some of which we do not.


Gussets are triangular or diamond-shaped inserts sewn into crochet. Putting a spice down reduces the issue of having a single pressure point where the four seams run together (right where you don’t want it to) and it helps to stretch the tension around the crotch seam, allowing your yoga Pants to become more durable.

While all the models we tested have gussets, they differ in their design. Some use the same material as the rest of the pants, and others offer an extra layer of material for those who like to go without underwear.

Some are diamond-shaped, and others are triangular, but we cannot tell the difference between the two. Regardless of the material or size used, you want a pair that has a bud, both for your comfort and range of motion.

Be sure to inspect that area before purchasing your next pair, or check the specs at the time of online shopping. While most models are made with them these days, if you end up with a pair, you’ll be uncomfortable.

Key pocket

Why do yoga pants have pockets? Who wants to keep anything in their waistband when bent and bend like a pretzel? We have asked ourselves this question repeatedly during our testing process, and cannot come up with a good answer.

Sure, there are scenarios where a key pocket is good: you put the key to your house when you go for a walk; You are staying in a hotel and need a place to keep your room’s main card while exercising in the gym; You are walking away from the store and want to slip $ 20 into your pocket.

What is common in all these is that they have nothing to do with yoga! Now, it still wouldn’t be a big deal if all the major pockets were judicious and easy to ignore.

For yoga-intensive purposes, a pocket is not necessary. However, if you find yourself using it, buy all kinds of yoga pants out of pocket.

Color and print

If you are like us, you are bored of wearing black leggings of the same pair and for a yoga class by day. Funny colors and patterns give us a chance to express a little personality and style in class or to wear them for things other than yoga.

However, through our testing process, we discovered why black is such a popular color when it comes to yoga pants – it reflects any sign of sweat! (They can also be worn outside the studio and dressed up or down). We’ve all seen the girl in class who looks like she wet herself to the end of it. You’re probably just as sweaty as him, so what’s the difference? You are wearing black leggings, and have grey ones, and the grey material has become darker.

This is not his fault; This is the pants! While the colored pants we tried in this review tended to change color somewhat when wet, for some reason grey pants were the working culprit.

Keep this in mind, especially if you have a vigorous exercise or know that you sweat a lot. If you do, Olka women’s yoga capris or Ododos is the way to go. They never change when wet, and we have about half a dozen different points in their wardrobe to verify that statement.

The seam

Manufacturers will sometimes add seaming details to the legs and rear to help with certain areas. We liked the impact on Baleaf and Heathyoga.

It gave our rear a good shape and did not leave a lot of uncomfortable or scars on our skin. However this is known to happen, so keep this in mind when trying on a pair with lots of seams and darts.

The waistband and get up

The complex waistband or bottom-of-the-way one-way manufacturers try to add some style elements to their designs, but be aware that there is not too much extra material around the waist.

It can get in the way of your Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) or Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend). In this example, better. You want a wide waistband, which sits right in your midsection, though.

If it sits too low, you will stop everyone in the downward-facing dog or experience a “muffin top” problem.

Final thoughts

As the popularity of yoga and the yoga apparel industry continues to grow, it has become easier to capture the fashion aspect of this practice. Ultimately, yoga is about feeling real about yourself, no matter what you are, and attaining liberation from the cycle of birth and death. While doing this it can’t hurt to see OH Mazing.


What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

Yoga pants are usually made of soft, matte fabric as opposed to the shiny, smooth material used in running tights. They aim to be comfortable and easy. It is easy to move around. A variety of fits are available in yoga pants, including loose-fitting styles such as joggers, boot cuts, or tight fits such as wide-leg pants and yoga leggings, which are now the most popular.

Leggings, on the other hand, are a more common term to describe tight-fitting, stretchy pants. They can range from workout leggings to fashion leggings and are made from a wide variety of materials.

What is the difference between yoga pants vs leggings vs tights?

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are traditionally more thick, loose than other yoga bottles and can act as workout pants for both indoor and outdoor activities. Yoga pants work more like trendy versions of sweat pants or longer than workout apparel.

Yoga leggings

Yoga leggings are thinner and thinner than other types of workout pants and bottoms. They are often worn under long shirts, tunics, or dresses. The beauty of yoga leggings is that they are thick to wear without long-length yoga tops or shirts, but are breathable enough to wick away sweat and give you a cool feeling when practicing yoga, pilates, or a sport of your choice. Keep it.

Yoga tights

Although yoga leggings and yoga tights are often used as interchangeable labels, which is the practice of most yoga clothing companies, we think of leggings as the main umbrella term and a sub-set of yoga tights leggings.

Both leggings and tights are skin-fit, but sometimes we’ll use yoga to describe long, light-weight leggings. However, you will use yoga leggings more and more, as the tights get confused with very thin material to wear under skirts and dresses while can be worn as leggings.

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