17 Best Yoga Mat Bags Review 2021 | Buying Guide

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Best Yoga Mat Bags – Whether you are a yoga novice or a master, there are some things that you cannot do without a durable yoga mat bag. Fumbling around with your mat the whole time, chances are, your regular gym bag is not enough to safely fit inside a yoga mat. You can choose from lightweight sling designs, spacious totes, and easy-to-carry backpacks, in sizes that will accommodate just a mat or some fabric and props.

From minimal strap to a large size duffle bag that will carry all your work gear and yoga clothes, these yoga mat bags are a must-have if you are a regular yogi. If all your belongings are in one place, you will have even more peace of mind before sitting on the mat. Trust us – you won’t leave home without it next time.

We’ve reviewed the top yoga mat bags and carriers in different designs, styles, and price ranges: a list of the best items to help you choose from cheap and minimalist to multi-purpose yoga bags and yoga mat bags for true yoga lovers that will fully meet your needs.

1. Kindfolk Yoga Bag Duffle Yoga Mat Bag:

Kindfolk Duffle Yoga Mat Bag

This carry-all duffel is designed for your mats plus blocks, a strap, and a yoga towel for the experienced yogi. Suiting mats under 26 inches wide, this duffel is great for thicker mats because it has a spacious interior. With 4.8 / 5 stars and 477 positive reviews, this bag is an Amazon favorite. In addition, Kindfolk yoga mat duffle bag donates $ 1 for every bag purchased to the A21, a nonprofit dedicated to ending slavery worldwide.


  • Strong metal strap rings
  • Queued pockets for mobile devices
  • Part of the proceeds goes to charity

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2. Lululemon Rolling Yoga Mat Bags:

Lululemon Rolling Yoga Mat Bags

This pick from Lululemon, a fitness-wear elite retailer, for a luxurious, stylish matte bag cannot be beaten. The wide opening allows you to easily slide your mat in and out, and a special pop-out pocket provides space for your water bottle. For hot yoga fans, this bag comes with a “sweaty gear” compartment, allowing you to keep your post-Bikram-class clothes separate.


  • An added bonus: the carrying strap separates and doubles as a stretching strap.

Gaiam Tote Yoga Mat Bag:

Gaiam Tote Yoga Mat Bag

If the cross-body yoga slings feel restrictive, this tote gives you a bit more freedom of movement. It is lightweight and has space for your yoga mats, towel, water bottle, and more. The bag also has an external pocket and has magnetic snaps instead of zips to hold your things.

The Amazon reviewer says, “I’m very happy with this bag. It’s much easier to put my bag in this mat than any other bag I’ve ever used. I just leave my mats inside.”


  • About 1 foot tall
  • Magnetic snaps for smooth access
  • Heavy Duty build

Manduka Breath Easy Yoga Mats Carrier Bag:

Manduka Breath Easy Yoga Mats Carrier Bag

If you are a fond yogi, then you know that after a while, your yoga mat can smell a little funky. This Manduka Yoga Mat Bag is designed with a lattice design that travels sideways, making it one of the most breath-taking options on our list. It is easy to carry with shoulder and hand-held straps and a smooth-motion zipper, so you won’t have to wrestle your mat out.

An Amazon customer writes: “I like this bag so much – it’s simple, it holds my yoga mat perfectly, and has a long (adjustable) strap, which makes it easy to carry. Really breathable too and it never smells. “

5. Elenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag:

Elenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

An Amazon bestseller, this 100 percent canvas yoga mat bag comes in 32 different eye designs and colors. At 26 inches in length, it can fit the longest rolled mats. The bag also has a full-zipper closure for easy storage and has two pockets to protect your keys, smartphone, wallet, and other valuables.

An Amazon reviewer stated, “This case fits perfectly on my 6mm thick cowboy matte. I had enough room to slip on a pair of yoga pants and a tank. It has two outer pockets: one that fits my cell. Keeps the phone and wallet. The other holds my keys, hair tied, a pair of socks. “


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 26″ in length
  • Choose from around 20 fun prints

Fremous Yoga Mat Bags:

Fremous Yoga Mat Bags

Not only is this yoga mat bag the lowest price in our roundup, but it is also Amazon’s choice. With 21 colors and patterns to choose from, it is easy to find something in your style. Full-zip over the mat, so it will stand up to inclement weather.

A tester also called this bag “perfect” because it is “super durable and has a fine pattern.” Note that this bag will not hold a mat more than 25 inches wide or 10 mm thick; This is a great pick for a small, thin mat. And with a 100% guaranteed return policy, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Yoga Sak Original Mat Bags:

Yoga Sak Original Mat Bags

Sling or one-shoulder bags can be inconvenient for some, especially if you are riding a bike. This backpack style evenly distributes weight on both shoulders for increased comfort. Your mat comes in the center and the edges stick around the mat causing the top of the mat to stick.

There are zippered pockets for essentials, but reviewers note that they are on the smaller side, so this is not a replacement for the full gym bag.


  • Can be worn as a backpack
  • Suitable for thick and long mats
  • There is plenty of room for additional support
  • Small pocket for valuables
  • Comfortable for biking and hiking
  • Lightweight
  • Offered in 6 different styles


  • Pricey
  • Does not cover the entire mat
  • Material is not suitable for carrying heavy objects
  • Zippers may look cheap

FIT SPIRIT Exercise Yoga Mat Bags:

FIT SPIRIT Exercise Yoga Mat Bags

This bag of Fit Spirit is basic, but not boring. It comes in an array of bright colors and is embossed with a beautiful tree of life design. Made of canvas, it is durable and easy to wash. It is designed to hold standard-sized mats and has two pockets to hold your phone, keys, or other small items. This bag is strong and spacious – plus, you can’t beat the price.


  • Canvas is easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Cannot accommodate thicker mats

Yoga Addict Yoga Mat Bags:

Yoga Addict Yoga Mat Bags

This versatile yoga mat duffle can double as the best yoga gym bag, thanks to its room’s interior. It is long and wide for your mat and includes some essential after-workouts including a towel, clothes, wipes, and mat cleaner. It also has a front pocket for easy access to your keys, wallet, phone, and even a book for your commute.

An Amazon reviewer writes, “I can easily fit my yoga mat, as well as take my towel and some other items, and on the outside, there is also a handy zip compartment that allows me to get my keys, phone and driver allows to carry a license and not dig for them when I need them. ”

10. Zenifit Yoga Mat Bags:

Zenifit Yoga Mat Bags

When you are dropping out of class, you can put your yoga mat in this deep bag. Because its storage area is deep, this yoga mat can carry much other gear including bag blocks, straps, weights, resistance bands, a water bottle, and more. Choose from four color combinations including gray, purple, turquoise, green, and blue.

11. Gaiam Embroidered Cargo Yoga Mat Bags:

Gaiam Embroidered Cargo Yoga Mat Bags

Safely carrying and fastening your yoga mats in this beautifully detailed bag by Giam with a fully detailed zip and an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap. We like that there is a side pocket to store anything from your wallet to the keys, as well as a second compartment designed specifically for smartphones.

A reviewer from Amazon says that he has been using this bag for three years and still loves it. “I take a heavy-weight yoga mat in it and bring it to class 2-3 times per week, so I’d say it’s quite durable,” she says. “I have received many accolades on this and liked by a fellow yogi so much, bought one for herself!”


  • Available in black or purple color
  • 100% cotton manufacturing
  • Smaller pockets than advertised

12. Balancefrom GoYoga Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bags:

Balancefrom GoYoga Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bags

Keep things simple and strong with this durable yoga mat bag, which is made with 100% cotton. It has a full zip closure for the storage of small valuables and a large cargo pocket on the outside. It even has a side pocket that fits your music player with earphone slits to keep the cord tangle-free.

An Amazon customer writes: “I like that the bag is wider than my mat. I usually go to a yoga class on my bike and carry shopping bags to go grocery shopping before I get home. Fold-down grocery bags can be filled in next to my mat.”

13. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bags:

Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bags

This fun paisley print will definitely add a pop of color to your plain black leggings. It makes your mat stand upright, and also has a towel, water bottle, or yoga strap.

And it does not need to be used just for yoga! Also, take it to the beach to store your towel or umbrella.

14. Imarana Yoga Mat Carrier Backpack:

Imarana Yoga Mat Carrier Backpack

Keep this pack above your back to carry a hassle-free mat! This yoga mat bag has a light single strap and an outer pocket for your valuables. There are also two lattice pockets to hold both the water bottle and the post-workout shake.

15. Boence Yoga Mat Bags:

Boence Yoga Mat Bags

This yoga mat bag is not cute in appearance – it is super sturdy and also has two pockets for extra organization. It is a huge one, so you will never try to squeeze your extra heavy yoga mats inside!

16. Manduka Journey on Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier:

Manduka Journey on Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier

Keep it simple with this strong yoga mat harness. Fold your way over your shoulder to square, then release the side metal buckle, and you’re ready to go. It is an economical, lightweight option for the right minimum. It even has a padded shoulder strap to carry your bag comfortably.

17. Peach Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bags:

Peach Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bags

The Peach Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bag has a lot to offer, including an easy carry strap and a useful pocket for your yoga essentials. It fits both standard size mats and Manduka mats and even includes holes in the side to allow your mat to breathe inside the bag. This option is available in a range of different colors, including red, blue, yellow, and black, including trees, flowers, and birds.

Things to Remember Before Choosing a Good Yoga Mat Bag

The yoga mat is essential for regular yoga practice. But is yoga mat bag necessary? We think so. But what factors should you consider when choosing the right one for you? The five features of yoga mat bags that should be considered in order of importance are listed below. Does this help ease your search for the perfect yoga mat bag for you?


If the bag is not the appropriate size for your yoga mat, you can damage both the mat and the bag by trying to make it fit. You can also bring a mat and a yoga towel with you to the class and you will also want to make room for it. If you do not have a lot of space in your vehicle for a large bag, however, size can be a concern. Getting the best of both worlds, storage and compact size are quite easy with the right design.


Some yoga bags are made of machine-washed clothing such as canvas. If you put your damp mat and towel in a couple of times, it becomes easy to throw it in the wash. Others are made of an absorbent-resistant material that can be easily wiped with a cloth. Depending on the quantity and use you expect to see your yoga mat bag, a construction material may be better suited to your needs.


If you want to be able to throw a bag and head to class, there is something simple like a yoga mat bag by a yogi. This allows you to grab as per your requirement and get going. If you carry more luggage with you or if you want your bag to double as storage for other items, such as an extra set of clothes or even for hygiene products before you leave your home Raising heads, pockets are your best friend.


Do you want separate compartments within the bag to help keep your things organized? Do you need a satchel type bag instead of a duffel bag style? Would it be beneficial to handle the shoulder strap as well as the grips? There are many design features that can help you get the most out of your investment in a yoga mat bag. If any features are included that you think you won’t use, try to find out without them. They can meet along the way.


Step out in style! Be sure to show your yoga class with a mat bag that reflects your personality. You can find yoga mat bags in colors ranging from bright to black and everything in between. Patterned materials may also be used, such as those with floral or geometric designs. Even the design of the bag helps to show everyone a little about you.

We hope this guide was helpful to find a good yoga mat bag to fit your needs.

Have joy and love your yoga workout!

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