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Best Yoga Mat Towels – While many may think of yoga as a “relaxing” workout, it is as challenging as any other form of exercise. Yes, it can put you in a meditative state, but it does not mean that your body is still not working hard and burning calories. Yoga is a full-body workout that challenges every major muscle group, so you will be sweating. To protect your yoga mat and face sweaty hands (especially during hot yoga classes), consider a yoga towel.

It works to absorb moisture and is tailored to the exact shape and size of your mat. Also, yoga towels provide a smooth, sharp surface to ensure that you do not slip or worse, fall over and break something.

Pro tip: Before each yoga session, spray your towel with a little water. The wetter it is, the more traction it provides. According to critics here are the best yoga towels.

1. Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel:

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

The Manduka eQua Yoga Towel is a soft cotton wrapper that can be used as an alternative to your yoga mat, as an absorbent towel to absorb your skin from sweat, or as a protective barrier between a shared mat for you and your yoga class. Measuring at 72 x 26.5 inches, this towel is compatible with almost every yoga mat.

This yoga towel is designed with extreme grip as it is equipped with a unique frog-dot pattern, which is properly constructed in the material. This pattern ensures that your towel does not slip and slide when you are trying to hold a pose.

It is necessary to read the fine print; However, some of these towels do not incorporate the frog-dot pattern. To further increase grip, sprinkle the towel with water before use.

Use a Manduka eQua Yoga towel to wipe your sweat during an intense hot yoga class as cotton clothes are extremely absorbent and easy to clean. When you are finished with this, pour this towel directly into the washing machine.

If you opt for a bold color, the dye can be washed for the first couple of cycles, so make sure you wash it alone to protect your clothes from dying accidentally.

Tumble-drying the towel or leave the dryer completely and hang it to dry. It is fast drying, so it will be ready to use again in no time.


  • Frog-dot pattern built for grip
  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent


  • Some towels do not have a frog-dot pattern
  • Bold colors are washed for the first couple of washes

2. Yoga-Mate Perfect Yoga Towel:

Yoga-Mate Perfect Yoga Towel

The Yoga-Mate Perfect Yoga Towel is a great inexpensive towel to take with you to a yoga class. It measures 68 x 24 inches, making it compatible with most yoga mats. Premium Stitching comes in a variety of fun and bold colors and patterns to suit your style.

This towel is perfect for both hot and regular yoga as it is made from soft and absorbent microfiber materials. Microfiber fabrics are odorless and durable. It is designed to handle the most intense workouts. Use this towel during high-speed yoga because once it gets wet, it stops slipping and activates its grip.

This towel can easily handle multiple washes, so feel free to throw it in your washing machine as many times as you want. Like most yoga towels, bold colors tend to bleed after the first wash, so make sure you wash it alone. You can hang it to dry or throw it in your dryer on tumble.


  • Microfibre
  • Premium Stitching
  • affordable
  • Great for hot yoga and regular yoga


  • Must be wet to hold
  • Color flies off at first
  • Lots of static when in the dryer

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3. AmazonBasics Yoga Towel:

AmazonBasics Yoga Towel

Not ready to shell out a large amount on a towel? Then Amazon Basics Yoga Towel is for you. It is inexpensive but does not mean that it is made cheaply. The absorbent material is a polyester and nylon blend that feels good against the skin.

And this product does not skimp in either size, measuring 72” x 24”, which makes it great for most yoga mats. Even better is that the towel is backed by a one-year limited warranty by AmazonBascis.

Critics say that the AmazonBasics Yoga Towel is great for the price. People also agree that the towel is soft and provides a firm, non-slip surface for their yoga moves.

4. Gaiam non-slip yoga towel – Travel-friendly:

Gaiam non-slip yoga towel - Travel-friendly

Whether you travel a ton or you are doing another thing in the studio right now, the Gaiam Yoga Towel is for you. Despite its double-layer microfiber top and nonslip bottom, it is only 1.5 millimeters thick. This means that you can bend it into a small square or combine it with your yoga mat at the end of the class.

But don’t let its slim and light design fool you – it still absorbs sweat and prevents you from slipping with natural rubber that is woven into the microfiber. It is available in one of five double-side colors, so you always know which side is which.

5. Yogitos Yoga Mat Towel:

Yogitos Yoga Mat Towel

Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel is no amateur when it comes to providing high quality. This durable towel is excellent for hot yoga and yoga at regular temperatures. It is lightweight and easy to carry around, and it measures at standard 68 x 24 inches. It comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

If you give your all to every yoga session and love to sweat, this towel is excellent for you. It is made with sweat-wiping material, meaning that it easily transfers sweat from your skin to your towel to keep you as dry as possible.

The Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel is a patented-skid-less technique included in the towel that ensures that your towel will not slide around while you are working outside. It has a permanent and strong grip. Sprint on top of the towel with water to maximize your recreational potential.

Easily wash this towel in the washing machine and hang it to dry. Some customers mention that the color fades and dulls over time.


  • Patent Skid-less Technology
  • Machine washable
  • sweat wiping cloth


  • color shines

6. Reehut Hot Yoga Towel – Quick-Drying:

Reehut Hot Yoga Towel - Quick-Drying

No disgusting mess here. The Reehut Hot Yoga Towel is made from a lightweight microfiber material that dries in a flash. This means you can hang it to dry after class, which cuts back on how much laundry you need. The towel is also slip-resistant, and it is recommended that you spray the towel lightly with water so that it sticks to your mat even more.

As a bonus, the Reehut Hot Yoga Towel comes with a small hand towel. One reviewer says that she hangs the Reehut hot yoga towel on the edge of the chair after class and dries up in no time. But don’t worry – if the towel doesn’t have to be washed, you can just toss it in the washing machine and put it dry on low.

7. Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel:

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

The Euphoria Hot Yoga Towel is perfect for those intense hot yoga classes. It is designed for a better grip, which is great because in a hot yoga class there is never a dry pore on your body. This microfiber towel measures 72 x 24 inches and serves as an excellent, clean blocker between you and all yoga mats.

Although this towel can withstand wear and tear, it is exceptionally lightweight and compact. You can easily fold and fill it in a large purse or small gym bag. This towel can absorb up to seven times its weight, so you can make sure your mat and floor are clean. You do not have to worry about it because it smells of musty or growing bacteria after it dries fast.

It is also machine washable and dryer compatible. The design of this Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel features silicon-free technology and comes in many different colors and patterns. Bring an element of your own to every class through your distinctive colored towel.


  • Great for hot yoga
  • silicon-free technology
  • Machine and dryer compatible
  • Absorbs seven times its body weight


  • Must be wet to hold

8. Alfamo Cooling Towel:

Alfamo Cooling Towel

It became easier to stay fit on vacation with an Alfamo cooling towel. The Multisports Towel is packed in a small waterproof plastic case, which makes it easy to toss in your suitcase or weekend bag. Not only can you use it for yoga, but it also doubles as a cooling towel.

Just wet the towel, take it out, and snap it. Keep it on the skin for three hours after cooling (it claims to lower body temperature by 30 degrees).

Critics say it is perfect for hot yoga classes. And those who have tried to use it as a chilling towel cannot help keeping it well cooled when exercising on hot, humid days.

9. IUGA Non-slip Yoga Towel – for Outdoors:

IUGA Non-slip Yoga Towel - for Outdoors

If you are someone who likes to get up early and practice yoga as the sun rises on your deck or in your yard, then the IUGA non-slip yoga towel is perfect for you. This yoga towel is excellent to use on outdoor or uncomfortable terrain as it is 30% thicker than the average towel. Put a comfortable holding pose on this thick microfiber yoga towel.

This towel is made from 100% thick microfiber and has non-slip properties.

Each corner has hooks that attach your towel to your mat to ensure that it does not slide off. This towel is also super absorbent, so you can keep it on the ground in the morning without worrying that it might get damaged by mildew. When you are finished for the day, throw this towel in the washing machine. Some customers note that the color fades over time as it does with most yoga towels.

The IUGA non-slip yoga towel is available in two sizes: 72 x 26 inches and 68 x 24 inches. It is exceptionally lightweight regardless of its lightweight fabric, which makes it portable. Included in this bundle are a hand towel and a spray bottle. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


  • 30% thicker than the average towel
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Features corner hooks to connect to your mat
  • Machine washable


  • Color fades in washing

10. Yoga Design Lab the Hot Yoga Towel:

Yoga Design Lab The Hot Yoga Towel

Give your mat a complete makeover with the Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel. With 12 gorgeous designs like “Floral Flow,” “Chevron Maya,” and “Mandala Rose”, you’re sure to have the most eye-catching mat in the room.

They are printed with environmentally friendly non-toxic inks that are completely water-based, yet they will not fade or bleed in the washing machine.

They are light, extremely absorbent, and of course, prevent their hands and feet from slipping in hard poses. It is a popular pick on Amazon, also with hundreds of five-star reviews. One reviewer wrote: “I love this towel. It’s everything I expected and more.”

What to look for in a top yoga towel

No, you cannot use a beach towel you take on vacation every year. Unlike a normal towel, a special yoga towel will have some key features:


There will be a good amount of a yoga towel that you place on the mat, preventing it from being placed under your feet in warrior two. It can be in the form of silicon nubs or a microfiber material that is thick when wet.


If you’re already carrying a mat and your kit on your commute, you don’t even want a heavy towel. Most yoga towels will be lightweight enough to roll in your bag, but it is a good idea to think about when you will use the most towel and whether it is a priority to be super-lightweight.


Despite looking rather slim, a good yoga towel will be super absorbent, with sweat-soaked properties, meaning it won’t be in your bag even after class.

Machine washable: Most of the towels below will be glued to the washing machine along with your yoga kit and hung on the washing line to dry. Most yoga should not be put in towels as it can damage the material, which reduces it over time.

Towel size:

Most standard-size yoga mats are 173 cm long and about 61 cm wide. If your yoga mat is particularly long, it is a good idea to check the dimensions beforehand to make sure that you are choosing a yoga towel that will cover it.


The practice of yoga is great for toning your body, calming your mind, and fulfilling your soul. This is why finding a great yoga towel requires that you stay focused and assist you in your practice. Find a towel that complements your style of yoga while acting as a clean barrier between you and your mat.

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