8 Best Yoga Shorts for Men Review 2021

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Shorts are especially important for yoga because if you want to perform the splits then you just can’t rely on old pair of shorts.

We all have different desires and preferences in what we wear during our time on yoga mats. Some people want full coverage, full support, and complete comfort. Others relate to the style, or functionality, or price tag.

Bottom line, when we shop for yoga shorts, we have specific standards in mind, so here we are offering the best yoga shorts for men from 8 diverse brands with the hope that every yogi friend reading this should have something for it.

1. Best Long Cotton Shorts: BALEAF 12″ Long Cotton Shorts with Pockets

What does the manufacturer claim? – Baleaf yoga exercise shorts with soft and stretchy material are perfect for going to the gym. Fit like a second skin, which provides a high degree of support and mobility to help you get the best results from a workout.


  • Adjustable drawcord
  • Straight loose fit
  • Big side pocket
  • Skin-friendly clothing

2. Best Men’s Yoga Tights: BALEAF Men’s Yoga Tights

What does the manufacturer claim? – Baleaf’s 9 inches pocketed compaction shorts for men use moisture-absorbing and breathable clothing, along with Baleaf’s unique technology to pull sweat out of the skin and push it to the surface to evaporate quickly so that you remain dry and comfortable during summertime. These compression yoga shorts can increase muscle strength, remove the accumulation of lactic acid to reduce muscle strain and pain, and help with a better yoga session.


  • Side pockets
  • Four-way stretch
  • Reflective element
  • Breathable cloth

3. Best Anti-Microbial Shorts: YOGA CROW Men’s Anti-Microbial Mens Yoga Shorts with liner

What does the manufacturer claim? – These shorts are lined with a non-abrasive non-restrictive boxer brief to give you the coverage and support where you need it most so that you can focus on your practice and not your modesty. Our anti-microbial technology keeps these shorts odor-resistant even after the sweatiest workouts. The seam and waistband are flat for maximum comfort.


  • Odor-resistant inner liner
  • Soft and flexible cloth
  • Nylon and polyester blend
  • Available in six colors
  • Pocketed

4. Best Slim Shaper Yoga Shorts: LODAY Mens Yoga Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – Neoprene athletic short pants can maximize your fitness impact; The sauna effect will heat your body. It helps protect core muscle groups and increases muscle mobility, maximizes workout effectiveness, accelerates sweating, they are great for losing inches to your lower body.


  • Stomach control
  • Breathable mesh crotch
  • Neoprene fabric
  • Zipper pocket
  • High waistband

5. Best Quick Dry Shorts: YogaAddict Quick-Dry Yoga Shots

What does the manufacturer claim? – With a stylistic fit yet allows you to pull with your every move and it comes with a solid drawstring / elastic waistband to hold you up. There is no pocket to interrupt the flow of your pose. Ideal for any yoga style like Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Hatha, Pilates, outdoor exercise, Zumba, martial arts shorts, wall climbing, tai chi, gym, travel, and casual wear.


  • Wide and thick waistband
  • No pockets
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • quick dry
  • Breathable

6. Best Odor Resistant Shorts: YOGA CROW Mens Odor Resistant Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – Swerve shorts are not your run-of-the-mill cross-training shorts; These shorts were made for men who are serious about yoga. Our unique blend of nylon/polyester performance fabric combines the ultimate in 4-way stretchability with moisture-erasing technology. The short is a non-abradant, anti-microbial, and safe boxer. These shorts keep you focused on your practice, not your humility.


  • Comfort
  • Create to last
  • Machine wash
  • Nylon and polyester blend

7. Best Hot Yoga Shorts: Delicate Illusions Bikram Hot Yoga Shorts for men

What does the manufacturer claim? – Soft, stretchy and supple, these male stretchy lycra fitness shorts are perfect for hot yoga, bodybuilding, jogging, cycling, lounging, and more! This European bathing suit cut short is made with a flatlock stitch, meaning that all seams are comfortably flat on the body. The waistband is wide and folded (meaning dual-material) for strength and durability. Stay put legs are a snug fit, but not tight.


  • Elastic closure
  • Hand wash only
  • Nylon and spandex blend

8. Best Medium Length: Prana Mens Yoga Shorts

What does the manufacturer claim? – Prana JD Shorts for Men are made from an action stretch blend of recycled poly. Design features include an elastic waistband, paired side seams, and a fitted cut.


  • Nylon and lycra mixture
  • Elastic closure
  • Elastic waistband

So, these were the 8 best yoga shorts for men to meet all the needs of your yoga and active lifestyle. We hope this helps in your quest to find the perfect men’s yoga shorts. Questions or comments about any of these featured shorts are welcome in the comments below.

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