Downward Facing Dog Pose Easy Guide for Beginners

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How to do Downward Facing Dog Pose step-by-step

1. Take a yoga mat and stand on it.

2. Now keeping your legs straight, bend both hands forward and lean towards the ground.

3. In this position your body will look like the shape of a table.

4. Now slowly exhaling your breath, lift the hips or buttocks up towards the ceiling.

5. You have to keep your arms and legs as straight as possible and keep your head straight down.

6. While doing this pose, you need to ensure that the body forms an inverted “V” shape.

7. Now you have to keep your feet parallel to the palms, keeping your palms straight on the ground and away from the shoulders.

8. After this, try to stretch the neck by pressing both your hands together in the ground.

9. Make sure that your ears touch the inner part of your arms.

10. Raise the hips as high as possible.

11. Try to focus your eyes on the navel.

12. Now while breathing slowly, stay in this position for a few seconds and then bend your knees and return to the table position. You have to repeat this action for 1 minute.

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What are the Benefits of Downward Facing Dog Pose?

  1. Curing Insomnia– By doing Downward-Facing Dog Pose, the problem of back pain, fatigue, headache and insomnia are cured. Apart from this, this pose is also helpful in curing problems like high blood pressure, asthma, sciatica etc.
  2. Control Anxiety – This Pose helps you to remain relaxed and provides peace to the mind. Downward Facing Dog can also prove to be very helpful in fighting anxiety. The neck and cervical spine are stretched during the practice of this pose. It helps a lot in relieving stress.
  3.  Provide Energy – By doing Downward-Facing Dog, extra energy is transmitted in the body. Apart from this, it also plays an important role in rejuvenating the whole body. Apart from this, this pose helps in relieving the symptoms of menopause in women.
  4. Improves digestion – Although the body is folded in half in Downward-Facing Dog, but due to this the abdominal muscles compress it by putting pressure on the organs of the digestive system like liver, kidney and spleen, due to which the digestion process is better.
  5. Strengthen the lower abdominal muscles – If the position of the body formed in Downward-Facing Dog is reversed, then it becomes Boat Pose. We all know that Boat Pose strengthens the lower abdominal muscles in the body as well as supports the spine. Those who practice these yoga also get similar benefits. It helps to strengthen and stretch these muscles.
  6.  Increase blood circulation – This thing hardly goes unnoticed. But in Downward-Facing Dog, the head is lower than the heart while your hips are raised upwards. The practice of this pose increases the supply of new blood towards the head with the help of the force of gravity. That is why this pose helps in increasing blood circulation.
  7. Tone hands and feet – While doing Downward Facing Dog, the entire weight of the body rests on the hands and feet. Therefore, it works to tone the hands, feet and other organs and keeps them in a state of balance. This pose strengthens the arms, legs, shoulders, arms and chest along with toning.

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Precaution while doing Downward Facing Dog Pose

1. If you have a back injury, do not do this asana.

2. Those who have carpal tunnel syndrome, should not do Downward Facing Dog.

3. Do not do this pose if you are pregnant.

4. Do not exert more than your physical capacity.

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Things to keep in mind before doing Downward Dog Asana

1. Downward-Facing Dog Pose should be practiced only in the morning. But if you are doing this Pose in the evening, then it is important that you have taken your meal at least 4 to 6 hours before.

2. It is also important to make sure that before doing the pose, you have defecated and the stomach is completely empty.

Poses to be done before Downward Facing Dog Pose

  • Bow Pose
  • Staff Pose

Poses to be done after Downward Facing Dog Pose

  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Four-limbed Staff Pose

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