Gorakshasana or Cowherd Pose Easy Guide for Beginners

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About the Pose:

There is a very easy posture to do Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose, and it also has many benefits. This is one of the asanas or poses that can be done sitting down.

Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose is named after the great yogi Gorakshanath. Yogi Gorakshanath is often seen in this posture.

By doing Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose, the digestive system is strengthened as well as all the problems related to the stomach go away. By doing Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose, the intellect becomes sharp, and memory power also develops. Problems like sleep disorders, neck weakness, insomnia, asthma are solved by this asana or pose.

This asana or pose is also beneficial for the strength of the nerves in the body. Also, by doing this asana or pose, the body also becomes slim. Know about the method of doing Gorakhshasana or Cowherd pose, its benefits, and precautions to keep in mind.

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How to do Gorakshasana or Cowherd Pose Step-by-Step:

  • To do this asana or pose, first of all, lay a rug or a seat. And then sit on it. After this spread your legs in front.
  • Keep in mind that your back should be straight.
  • Now bend the legs from the knees and bring the ankles of the feet together.
  • After this, lift your body slightly and sit on your ankles. At this time also keep your back straight.
  • Keep both your knees on the ground and keep your hands on the knees. In this posture both your back and neck should remain straight.
  • Stay in this position according to your capacity and then come back to the starting position.
  • By doing this one cycle will be completed.
  • Do this whole process for 3 to 5 cycles.
  • While doing this mudra, breathing should be kept normal.
  • You can increase the time as you practice.

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What are the Benefits of doing Gorakshasana or Cowherd Pose?

By regularizing Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose, the knees become strong. Along with this, there is also relief from the pain of the hip, buttocks, joints.

  • By doing this asana or pose daily, the balance of the body is created. Along with this, it is also helpful in awakening the horoscope.
  • This asana or pose is also beneficial to overcome the problems occurring during pregnancy.
  • This asana or pose also helps in curing kidney disorders.
  • Doing Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose helps in curing diseases like urinary diseases, diseases of the anus, and piles.

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Precautions to be taken while doing Gorakshasana or Cowherd pose:

  • If a person has knee pain then he should not practice this asana or pose.
  • Even if there is a pain in the heel, then this asana or pose should not be done.
  • If a person is suffering from obesity, then he should do this asana or pose only in the presence of a specialist.
  • In this way, you can easily practice this asana or pose. If you do this asana or pose regularly, then you can get its benefits.

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Video Tutorial of Gorakshasana or Cowherd Pose:

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