Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose Easy Guide for Beginners

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How to do Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose step-by-step

If you are new to yoga and are just starting to do yoga, then Downward Facing Tree or Hand Stand Pose may seem difficult for you at first sight but you can do it easily with a little practice. Below we are telling a simple and easy method of doing this yoga pose so that you can do it easily:

• To do the Hand Stand Pose, take a yoga mat and spread it near a wall.

• Now sit in Cat Pose with your feet towards the wall. Always keep in mind that in this posture your feet should touch the wall.

• Keep both your hands slightly apart so that there is no difficulty in balancing.

• Now raise both your knees above the floor and straighten the legs. In this posture, you will look like downward-facing breathing.

• Now place your right foot on the wall at the height of the hips and push it against the wall.

• Repeat this action with your left leg. In this posture, both your feet will be parallel to the hips on the wall. In this, you will look like an inverted L.

• Stay in the L position and breathe at least 5 to 8 times.

• Slowly raise both the legs high on the wall.

• Now straighten both your legs against the wall.

• With this, the entire weight of the body will come on both your hands.

• You practice this asana for a few days so that you can be able to do the next action.

• Now balance the whole body on your hands and straighten the legs by removing them from the wall.

• For doing this pose, you can take the support of a friend or a yoga teacher who can help in holding your feet. This will make it easier for you to do the downward-facing tree pose.

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What are the Benefits of Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose?

Improves Blood Flow To The Eyes

The eyes are a very important organ for us, without it, there is darkness in the life of a person, this pose is a good treatment to keep the eyes healthy. When you are inverted in the handstand pose, the blood sends extra oxygen and nutrient-rich substances to your head, this increases the blood flow to your eyes. This pose helps to eliminate many types of problems related to macular degeneration and eyes.

Strengthening Your Upper Body

The handstand pose is not only for strengthening the muscles of your hands, it is also a great posture to strengthen your upper body. It mainly strengthens the hands and shoulders. In doing Downward Facing Tree pose, the entire weight of your body comes on your upper back with your hands, due to which they start getting stronger. This also strengthens the wrists of your hands.

Increases Focus

When you invert to do this handstand pose, the blood flow to your brain increases. It helps in improving mental function. Doing a handstand pose helps in focusing. The handstand pose reduces fear and anxiety and along with it sharpens the mind.

Improves Digestion Power

To do this pose, when you are inverted on your hands, the gravity on your body also changes, due to which it helps to move the trapped substances in your stomach, release the trapped gas and all the digestive organs. Helps in improving blood flow. Apart from this, it helps in absorbing nutrients and sending them to your cells.

Relieves Stress

The Hand Stand Pose is known to be a cooling pose, it not only focuses your attention but it also reduces your stress. This mudra is extremely useful if you are having worry, tension, fear, or worrying thoughts in vain. You have Hand Stand Pose is a good recipe for stress relief.

Feeling of Happiness

You feel good doing it. Because you challenge yourself to do it. And when you do it you are happy.

Strengthens your bones

It strengthens the bones and reduces the chances of getting osteoporosis.

Boosts Metabolism

This increases your metabolism. Because by doing this the circulation of blood is smooth.

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Precaution while doing Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose

• If you have back pain then do not do this pose.

• If you are troubled by shoulder pain, then you should not do this pose.

• Pregnant women should not do this pose or consult a doctor before doing it.

• Do not do this exercise in neck pain and headache.

• Patients with high blood pressure should not do this pose.

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Things to keep in mind before doing Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose

Practice this pose only on an empty stomach. In this posture, since the entire weight of your body falls on your hands, then you should take care that your hands are not weak or you have not had any problem related to calcium weakness. During this asana, if you are going to do it for the first time, then please keep someone around you so that they can save you in case of discomfort. Along with this, do not be hasty while going into or coming out of the posture as it can damage your neck.

Poses to be done before Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose

  • Bridge Pose
  • Crow Pose
  • Peacock Pose
  • Headstand
  • Shoulder Stand Pose

Poses to be done after Handstand or Downward Facing Tree Pose

  • Forearm Stand Pose
  • Head-to-Knee Pose

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