Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review 2021

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review: Our testers loved Jade Harmony yoga mat as it was a contestant (and previous winner) for our Editors’ Choice Award. This mat is sticky, compact and made of all-natural materials. It has a lot of traction, both wet and dry, and even when the internal fire was raging, and our palms were sweating, we clung to it like a gecko. It is easy to transport, comfortable to lay on, and has an all-around great mat. It is not well suited for hot yoga, however; The rubber absorbs water (and sweat) and is slow to dry. If you like to practice on 100F and above, check out our top pick for Hot Yoga, Aurora Synergy.

Our analysis and test results

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is made from natural rubber derived from rubber trees (non-synthetic). They will not reveal what else is in their mats except to say that “PVC is not a heavy metal or ozone-depleting substance.” They also stated that all mat components are approved by the FDA “for use in rubber in constant contact with food.” Does this mean you can eat your mat? This mat is 74” long by 24″ wide and 3/16 “thick (4.2 mm). It weighs 4 lbs 9 oz and jade yoga mat colors are black, midnight blue, olive, purple, slate blue, teal, raspberry and Tibetan saffron jade yoga mat. Plus, three two tone colour options

saffron jade yoga mat

Jade recommends that you would not use this mat if you have a latex allergy. Natural rubber may contain trace amounts of latex protein, so even though this mat is 99 percent latex-free, it can still be a problem if sensitive to latex.

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Performance Comparison

jade harmony yoga mat

Traction dry

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is having the best dry traction in this review. Its surface is slightly raised which is sticky, and once you put your hands down and push, they will not move. We clung like glue while resisting poses like a downward-facing dog, and did not feel our hands slipping or sliding.

Traction weight

When your body heats up during class, and your palms start sweating, you need even more help from your mat to maintain traction. Not only did we test this mat during several vigorous classes, where we started to sweat, but we threw a cup of water to see how good it would be for us to see how dry it was. While this mat did not have as good wet traction as Lululemon The Reversible Mat, it came close enough. This mat has an open-cell technique, which means that it absorbs water (and sweat and oil etc.) and is not the best choice for a hot yoga class. If you like to practice in the summer, then go with Aurorae Synergy or Kulae Elite Hot Hybrid instead.

Comfort and stability

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is 3/16 “thick (4.72 mm) and you need to soften your knees or hips during different poses. This mat creates a great balance between not being comfortable but very squishy. A squishy mat doesn’t over-balance and if you’re like us, balancing on one leg is already hard enough. We tried to stretch the headstand, cat/cow poses on our knees, and all of us while remaining stationary. Supported comfortably. If you like your mat extra plus and slightly wider size, both the Manduka Eko and The Reversible Mats of Lululemon feel slightly cushioned compared to this one and are two inches wider.


We are not so impressed with the durability of this mat. After several months of use, we started seeing a lot of wear around the feet (which is a common area to wear, especially from Vinyasa styles where you are repeatedly rolling on your toes). The traction was still good, and we never noticed the mat’s particles or the rupture between our toes, but it shortened the mat’s lifespan. The ridges that provide such great traction accelerate wear, as we have not noticed the same level of wear on other rubber mats such as the Manduka EKO and Prana Kranti. No mat is going to last forever, but if you have a regular daily practice, some beef like the Manduka Pro is probably a better option. Also, if you want to increase the longevity of this mat, make sure not to leave it in the car for direct sunlight, or for too long, as high heat and UV exposure would break down the material.


While not the lightest mat in this review (4 lbs 9 oz), it rolls compactly and is easy to carry around. This one is twice as heavy as E.C.O. And Hugger Mugger Earth Elements, but we preferred to class it on those models because when you need it, it keeps rolling. Compared to the Manduka Pro (about 8 pounds), this mat feels like a feather in your bag.

jade yoga mat

Ease of care

Jade Harmony’s yoga mat was one of the more challenging ones to take care of. If you like to wipe your mat before or after each use, then the sticky surface of this mat gathers and grabs small pieces and animal hair (we made this in a house with a cat and dog Tested the mat, and we’re still done. Trying to get the hair out). The rubber material absorbs water, as well as oil, and sometimes needs a deep cleaning, say in a shower or bathtub, but the material cannot be left in the sun to degrade. When we deep cleaned this mat, it took two days to dry completely, so you will want to plan accordingly. The manufacturer says that if you don’t like or dislike wrestling your mat in the shower, you can wash it in a front-loading washer on the benign.

This mat has a strong odor for the first time, though not quite as strong as the Rubber Prana Revolution and Polyurethane / Rubber Lululemon The Reversible Mat. (We’ve had the Lululemon mat for four months, and it still smells.) While the smell of this mat eventually spreads, obviously, if you want to speed up the process, you need to put it in front of a fan. should keep. We have not gone that far and are happy to report that the smell is not as strong even after several months of use.


Jade Harmony yoga mat retails for $ 80–85 (depending on length purchased). While it is more expensive than some other mats, we think the price is worth it.

Bottom Line

One of our testers, a long-time yoga teacher and teacher, summed it up very well: “I love this mat!” We could not agree more. There are many things to love about Jade Harmony. It has very wet and dry traction, is comfortable on parts of you that need padding, and is easy to roll and haul around. We do not have its smell like some of the other mats tested, and we believe whatever secret components are used in this mat are safe and non-toxic. There is one final reason to love this mat – Jade plants one tree for each mat they sell, and as of this writing over 1.2 million trees have been planted. In the end, Manduka EKO took the edge on this mat due to a slightly wider practice surface, and a slightly better feature of care, but Jade Harmony is still a great buy.

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