Eka Pada Koundinyasana or Flying Splits Pose Easy Guide for Beginners

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About the Pose:

The practice of yoga started in our country, India, from the pre-Vedic period. Yoga is the most widespread form of exercise. It is preferred over more hectic gym routines as yoga exercise works on the body and stabilize the mind and spirit.

So, ditch those tiring machines in the gym and go for the natural form of exercise which is yoga. You are sure to feel positivity in your life with daily practice. As we all know that there are many asanas or poses in yoga and the one we will talk about now is Ek Pada Koundinyasana or Flying Splits Pose which is a difficult asana.

Eka Pada Koundinyasana is a Sanskrit word meaning pose of the one-legged sage Kaundinya. This mudra is dedicated to a sage named Kaundinya and thus the name. There are two variations in this exercise but the one that is discussed now is the first one. As it is a complex and difficult yoga asana, it is advised to be patient and take it to get it right.

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How to do Eka Pada Koundinyasana or Flying Splits Pose Step by Step:

  • Lie flat on your chest on a yoga mat.
  • Now, place your hands on the mat with your hands pointing forward and come into a squat position. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart when you bend your elbows.
  • Now, lift your torso, especially the hip. If you reach the mat towards the front of the breast, your weight should be facing forward so that your legs become lighter and you can draw them towards your buttocks
  • Try to draw your knees as close to the right armpit as possible and keep the weight of the left hand free. Exhale. Straighten your legs.
  • You have to make a modified triangle pose.
  • Push your right femur back as you press into the right big toe.
  • Simultaneously press forward with your left big toe. Focus on your breath and hold the pose for a few seconds.
  • A slight caveat before doing this exercise is that your chest and shoulders may collapse if the exact steps are not followed.
  • Since this is a difficult exercise, be patient to do it properly.

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What are the Benefits of doing Eka Pada Koundinyasana or Flying Splits Pose:

Helpful of Abdominal Organs:

This Asana or pose can very help for abdominal organs, it stretches and massages the internal organs of the abdomen which releases the internal muscular stress and is helpful for good digestion.

Strengthens and Rejuvenates the Spine:

If you are suffering from back pain or your spine is not strong enough, this is the right exercise. This yoga pose involves a spinal twist, which results in strengthening, widening, and rejuvenating the spine.

Builds a Strong Core, Shoulders, and Legs:

Since it is a difficult and challenging asana to be performed perfectly, it is really beneficial for successful people. It helps in building a strong core, shoulders, and legs as the main focus of this exercise is on those important parts of the body. Along with this, it also strengthens the arms and neck.

Toning Of Belly:

If you have a bulging belly and want to prevent it from progressing, then include this exercise in your daily yoga routine. Practicing Eka Pada Koundinyasana will help tone your stomach and get it in shape.

Overall Body Awareness and Control:

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, this yoga exercise helps create total body awareness and brings control over your body.

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Video Tutorial of Eka Pada Koundinyasana or Flying Splits Pose:

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