Kukkutasana Or Cockerel Pose Easy Guidance For Beginners

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About the Pose:

Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose is an advanced balancing yoga pose that requires good flexion of the legs and benefits the arms and shoulders. Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose stimulates the Muladhara Chakra and is used for the awakening of Kundalini Shakti or the coiled energy at the base of the spine.

Laziness disappears when the body is excited. This is a difficult pose that requires the power of the hands to be completed well. Correcting this asana or pose requires many years of training, great physical strength, and mental self-restraint. Let us know in detail the method and benefits of doing Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose.

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What Is Kukkutasana Or Cockerel Pose?

Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose is a yoga asana or poses whose name is derived from Sanskrit. The word Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose is made up of two words in which the first word is “Kukkut” which means “cock” and the second word is “asana” which means “posture or position”.

The person doing this yoga looks like a rooster, hence it was named Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose. Kukkutasana is also known as Rooster Pose in English. This yoga is mentioned in ancient yoga scriptures like Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita.

It is a complex asana or pose that require arm strength to perform well. Let us know in detail the method of doing Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose.

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How To Do Kukkutasana Or Cockerel Pose Step by Step:

  • To do Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose, you should first lay a yoga mat and sit on it in the position of Padmasana or Lotus Pose.
  • Now put both your hands between your thighs and calves.
  • You have to put your right hand between the right thigh and shin towards the floor while sitting in the position of Padmasana or Lotus Pose.
  • Now you have to put the left hand between the left thigh and the left shin like the right hand and lower it towards the floor.
  • You have to take both your hands down from the thighs and calves to the elbows.
  • Now place the palms of both your hands on the floor at a distance of 3-4 inches from each other.
  • Then, balancing on both hands, lift your hips and feet off the floor.
  • You can stay in this Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose position for 1 to 5 minutes, or you can do it according to your convenience.
  • During this yoga, you should keep your breathing normal.

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What are the Benefits of Doing Kukkutasana Or Cockerel Pose:

For Good Heart Health

This asana or pose can play an important role in keeping the heart-healthy. Actually, it is believed that doing Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose, can work to improve blood circulation. At the same time, the correct circulation of blood in the body can be helpful in keeping the heart-healthy. For now, further research is needed on this topic.

Strengthen Arms And Shoulders

The benefits of Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose can also be seen in the form of strengthening the arms and shoulders. A scientific study published in this regard has given that regular practice of Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose can strengthen the muscles of the hands and shoulders. This can strengthen the arms and shoulders. However, further research is still needed regarding its functioning.

For Good Digestion

People who are suffering from problems related to digestion can get rid of the problem by doing this asana or pose. According to scientific research related to this, Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose can work to improve digestion. In addition, it can also help in cleaning the intestines.

This can make the food easier to digest and the problem of digestion can be avoided. If you are troubled by the increased fat in the body, then you can do this yoga. Scientific research shows that doing this yoga can help in melting belly fat. In such a situation, the benefits of Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose can also be seen in reducing fat. At the moment, more research is needed on its functioning.

For Good Muscles

Muscles can be strengthened if the method of Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose is included in the routine. According to research published in this regard, doing Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose stretches the upper part of the body along with the abdomen, shoulders, and hands, which can improve the blood circulation of these organs. This can strengthen the muscles.

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Precautions while doing Kukkutasana Or Cockerel Pose:

Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose is a better way to improve our physical health. But you need to be very careful while doing this yoga asana or pose.

  • People who have heart-related diseases should avoid doing Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose.
  • If you have pain in your hands and especially in the arms, then this yoga should not be done in such a situation.
  • Do not do this yoga in case of shoulder pain. Otherwise, it may increase your pain further.
  • People who have trouble bending the elbow or have elbow problems.
  • A patient suffering from a problem of the spleen should not do Kukkutasana or Cockerel Pose.
  • While doing this yoga, keep in mind that this yoga should be done on an empty stomach only.
  • If you have blood flow or any other type of problem in your wrist veins then this yoga is not advised to do.
  • Even if you have a sprain in your arms and shoulders, you should avoid doing this yoga until the sprain is cured.

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Video : Tutorial Of Kukkutasana Or Cockerel Pose

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