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Yoga for women is as beneficial as it is for men. And as a woman, if you are confused about which yoga program is best for you and designed specifically for women’s body then here is what you need is Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn course.

Yoga Burn is an innovative 12-week program designed for yoga for women who want to reshape their bodies, boost their metabolism and get that classic yoga booty. But does it yield results? And is it worth the cash? let’s find out…


Yoga Burn is a 12-week progressive program designed for yoga for women. Its primary goal is to help you achieve that small abs and yoga booty that often seems so elusive—but it’s also great for relaxing and improving your flexibility.

For getting the results faster Zoe recommends completing three 45-minute yoga classes each week. Contrary to most programs, Yoga Burn is outlined as a “planned and progressive approach, proven to deliver the results.” This means that each workout is tailored to you and your current goals – you are not expected to go at the same pace as everyone else (like in a class yoga or cardio setting).

The program is divided into three phases. Each step builds on the last to provide rapid flexibility and calorie burn. The entire program also follows the principles of dynamic sequencing, which we will get into later in the review.

Phase I: Foundational Flow

Women in this phase will build a solid yoga foundation. They prepare for the increasing difficulty of the program by learning the proper forms of yoga postures. This section also focuses on building a strong “mind-body” connection through breathing exercises.

Phase II: Transitional Flow

In this phase, women combine the moves learned in Phase I into smooth sequences that begin to burn calories and increase heart rate. Each video focuses on 1 of the 3 major muscle groups: upper body, lower body, and core.

Phase III: Mastery Flow

In the Phase 3 mastery flow, the final phase, women combine the moves learned in Phases I and II into rapid sequences that form a special yoga routine. These yoga exercises are created to tone the body and burn calories effectively. In this part, the poses are more repetitive and the trainer introduces a mixture of upper and body movements.

These three steps in Yoga Burn provide a tried-and-tested formula to deliver results, according to Zoe.

Another important difference is that the yoga burn phases begin at your current level. Each step builds on the last, so you can dramatically increase flexibility and start to see real changes in your body as the months go by.


Zoe Bray Cotton – Yoga Burn Program Creator

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a Certified Personal Trainer, Female Body Transformation Specialist, and Certified Yoga Instructor.

She has completed over 15,000 hours of yoga training and taught thousands of women how to lose weight. Yoga Burn combines its knowledge of yoga and female body transformation into one easy-to-follow program.


We like how Yoga Burn is distributed as both a digital download (for phones, computers, and tablets) and physical DVDs. Many of the products we review are only available in one form or the other, so that’s a bonus. When you purchase the program, you get instant digital access so you can get started right away. Yoga Burn DVD set is shipped soon.

In addition to the core yoga program, you also get a generous set of free bonuses to help you along your body transformation journey. Here’s an analysis of everything involved:

Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Shaping Course (online digital download and physical DVD) – includes all three steps, a quick-start class, and 20 in-depth pose tutorials for participants. There are 9 workout videos in total and you’ll repeat each four times before moving on to the next step.

Bonus: Original audio versions of each class to use on the go.

Bonus: Peace Flow Class – An exceptional set of sequences for stress relief. While the Peace Flow isn’t going to burn a lot of calories, it is a great way to relax.

Bonus: Join Community – A unique yoga community just for women. It provides access to coaching calls, a community for other women to talk to, and ongoing support throughout your journey.

Bonus: Yoga Burn Monthly – An additional set of DVDs that serve as an introduction to the different types of yoga. These include ashtanga, Hatha, kundalini, vinyasa yoga.

(Optional) There is also an option to purchase a duplicate course copy for a discount. This can be great if you want to follow the same program at the same time with your friend.

With the current price of the Yoga Burn System at only $37, we think you get a lot for your money. The workout videos are also of high quality and Zoe is a great trainer.

Review of Yoga Burn Cost

On the official website, The Fitness System for Women, Trim Core Challenge, Total Body Challenge, and Booty Challenge are on promotion for $37 plus shipping and handling. The package includes a single digital download and physical archive. Yogis can double their order for $57 plus shipping and handling.

Inner Circle: Customers can try Yoga Burn Inner Circle free of cost for 14 days. After the free trial, customers can choose to continue with the $14 per month program or cancel their subscription at any time.

Meditation Solution: Yoga Burn Meditation Solution is available via digital download only. On promotion, it costs $29.95.

Monthly: Currently, Yoga Burn is offering the first month of the monthly program DVD for free plus shipping and handling. The remaining five months cost $37/month plus shipping.

All the Yoga Burn programs are endorsed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Kick Start Kit: Yoga Burn is running a promotion wherein customers can order a free Kick Start Kit with only paying for shipping and handling.

Yoga Burn Pros and Cons

  • Follow along with the instructions
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Reliable trainer
  • Ready for all fitness and experience levels
  • At 45 minutes, some subscribers may get longer videos
  • Customers must follow a routine
  • Some programs are only available on DVD

Final Verdict:

We were hoping the Yoga Burn program would be just another gimmicky yoga video (if you’ve ever bought one of those celebrity yoga workouts that last 40 minutes, you know what we mean!) we were pleasantly surprised to find out. Zoe’s yoga program has some unique ideas.

In particular, we like how the program is specifically designed for women who want to lose weight. This focus combined with continuous progress makes it better for shaping and toning the female body.

So, ladies, if you want an alternative to the gym that you can complete from the comfort of your own home, then the Yoga Burn System can be the right choice. Enjoy classes!


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