10 Best Yoga Wheel for Beginners Review 2022 | Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the best yoga wheel for beginners? The best yoga wheel allows you to target core muscles and builds strength and balance where it wasn’t before. You don’t have to put a lot of money in a good quality yoga wheel, a budget-friendly one will do the same.

You have to make sure, however, that it is lightweight, medium-sized, and aesthetically pleasing.

Our team at Yogatohealing prepared a list of tried and tested models that would make you hit your yoga studio or practice at home.

Our review includes a list of the best yoga wheels of various sizes and shapes, colors and styles, three in one bundle, and high-end deals. Depending on your needs and budget, you will be able to choose the right yoga wheel that will enhance the quality of your yoga sessions by increasing your flexibility and strengthening your entire body.

We have researched to help you find a good yoga wheel so that you do not have to do it. Here is the list of best yoga wheel for beginners:

1.  Risefit Yoga Wheel:

Risefit yoga wheel

The RiseFit Yoga Wheel is considered one of the strongest in the market. It has been tested to support up to 1,000 pounds, which is more than anyone would ever need to know. The outer cover is TPE foam which is environmentally friendly and has to withstand years of punishment.

The wheel currently comes in some fun and fun styles such as dolphins, paint splash, and even cosmic patterns (other than solid colors). This can always change if you want a dolphin yoga wheel, so act quickly if you want to get one!

Overall this is a fantastic wheel for the active yogi that provides enough support and durability to last the most for many years.


  • Currently offered in many funky styles and colors
  • High power – able to support 1,000 lbs
  • dense TPE outer coating
  • 3 years warranty included
  • A currency guide is included with every purchase


  • Some people have realized that there was not enough padding

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2. Gaiam Yoga Wheel:


Gaiam is one of the most well-known brands in the yoga community. It is, therefore, no surprise that his yoga wheel is a part of yoga roller wheels. It comes in a few different colors to choose from and is also available in cork.


  • Comes in a variety of designs and materials that cater to everyone’s needs
  • Closed-cell design means that no sweat or bad odor will ever be absorbed by the wheel


  • PVC and TPE rubber alternatives are neither reliable nor durable

3. Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel:

Purity wave yoga cork wheel

Purity yoga wheel is the best yoga wheel for back pain and possibly the most durable wheel available. Most competing products are made of ABS plastic, which, honestly, does not hold up well.

It can easily hold up to an impressive 550 pounds, so you should never worry about it. Made of natural cork, it is not only durable, but its overall appearance is “natural”. It is the complete opposite of plastic, which is why we highly recommend this model.

If you have never used a yoga wheel before, you may be worried about how good you will be at it. Thanks to the particularly thick padding that it contains, you’ll be nice and comfortable while doing longer poses.

It is also sweat-resistant, so you don’t lose your grip or slip from it, which can be dangerous. Also, it is not going to disturb any undesirable odor or odor from sweating.

Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience an included PDF file will give you countless ways to use your new yoga wheel. This means that you can easily get a good stretch/workout, without getting bored.


  • The material of the wheel is environmentally friendly, which means that you are not contributing to the landfill when you buy it
  • There will never be any sweat marks or smell while using this wheel.
  • Comes with a booklet filled with various yoga poses


  • As wood is a natural material, there may be some quality defects associated with naturally derived substances.

4. Yoga Design Lab – Yoga Wheel:

Yoga design lab yoga wheel

As visually stunning as it is functional, Yoga Design Lab “The Yoga Wheel” is one that stands out from the Oversight Market.

We can say with confidence that we did not find a wheel as trendy or attractive as this model. Coming in a futuristic, black/sleek “Geo”, a modern floral “Adrika”, and an artificial “Mandala Black”, you can choose whichever fits your personality.

Easily improve your balance with this design and increase muscle/spine flexibility and strength while loosening stressed areas. If you are just starting, a user-friendly asana guide will pave the way for your success.

Although it is a bit heavy, it ensures that it is not slipping and sliding all over the place. The cork wheel is extremely durable – capable of holding up to 550 pounds.

Non-toxic water-based prints add character, and the non-slip padded surface will help you feel comfortable and feel good.

The sweat-resistant wheel also has secure grip technology, which will keep you exactly where you need to panic and stress when it gets out from under you.

While this is a more expensive model out there, we have to say that it is definitely worth the extra if you can swing it.


  • There is no toxic material in the design of the wheel with the material
  • This wheel makes it easier to develop your balance when you are starting to use yoga tools
  • The ability to withstand 550 pounds of weight is promising


  • Price tag is higher than other wheels

5. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set:

upcircleseven yoga wheel set

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set is an easy option if you are not sure which size to choose or if you want to assist all three in different poses. Each wheel is rated to support pressures of up to 550 pounds, which is exterior, lightweight, and fully padded on sweat-wicking.

Three sizes come with it:

  • Large 12 ”diameter
  • Medium 10 “diameter
  • Small 6 ”diameter

With a set of three different sizes, you can start with the highest level of support on the larger wheel and work your way up to the smaller ones. These wheels are also not flexible and do not bend under pressure, so it is excellent to use in place of a foam roller to roll lumps and tension (especially the smaller ones). They also come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if for any reason you don’t like them, you can return them for a full refund.


  • All three-yoga wheel comes with size
  • Very thick cushion on the outside for maximum comfort
  • Presented in 4 colors at the time of this writing
  • The cheapest price of a set of three at the time of this writing
  • Works the same as a foam roller
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • Some people reported peeling their rubber, but the vast majority did not have this issue

6. Seigla Basic Yoga Wheel:

Seigla basic yoga wheel

The Seigla Yoga Wheel is a basic 12 “wheel with a texture moisture-proof TPE foam coating and a high hardness PVC core. It provides similar benefits to the cork as the coating is an antimicrobial sweat resistant foam that is free of chemicals, dyes, and phthalates.

The main part of the wheel is tested to support tension up to 600 pounds so that you have no problem bending (even in balancing stride). The TPE foam coating provides amazing slip protection and does not break away from the PVC core even after many uses.

It is a purely functional wheel that will complete the work and do it reliably, while not offering many style options.


  • Lower cost than many wheels
  • Chemical Free Foam Coating
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Coating is also sweat resistant
  • The wheel is not guaranteed to crack or bend for life
  • Easy to transport


  • Some people have complained of chemical odor but this is unusual
  • currently only comes in one color

7. Bodygood Cork Yoga Wheel:

bodygood cork yoga wheel

The Bodygood Cork Yoga Wheel is naturally antimicrobial due to its cork outer layer. The bulk of the padding on this wheel comes from TPE cushioning under the cork (which is mainly for showing).

If you are going for a cork look without the cost, this is a great option. It is rated to support 500 pounds with a rigid ABS plastic interior that is 13 x 5 inches in diameter/width with a natural wood grain finish.

Overall, this cork yoga wheel is at the mid/low-cost end and can make a great gift or starter wheel for beginner yogis.


  • Good looking wood grain interior and cork exterior
  • can support 500 lbs.
  • Cheapest price as a beginner yoga wheel
  • One-year warranty
  • Three styles to choose from


  • Cork is only a thin layer on the surface

8. Mindful Yoga Wheel:

mindful yoga wheel

The Mindful Yoga Wheel is a 12 x 5-inch TPE coated standard size wheel. There are no frills here, but it costs around $ 500.

The company has over a hundred reviews on Amazon for this wheel and it has managed to retain 5 stars so far – very impressive.

Overall, this wheel is a great balance of comfort and quality and is a great option for the money.


  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Environmentally friendly TPE coating
  • A digital pose guide is included for easy access
  • portable and lightweight
  • More than 100 5-star reviews on Amazon as of this writing


  • Currently offered in only 4 colors/styles

9. Yoga Arch Workout Wheel:


If quirky looking yoga equipment excites you, this unusual looking yoga wheel by Yoga Arc will find its way into your Amazon shopping cart. No matter whether you have been doing yoga for some time or are just getting started, this wheel will be of significant value to you.

You will be able to do maximum exploitation along with developing your balance, tone your muscles, and build strength in every part of your body. Lizard’s lungs and half pyramid pose are fully compatible with it.

If stress relief is your primary goal, be certain that this wheel will help relieve the stress accumulated in your shoulders, neck, and back. Once you stretch your hips, arms, and calves, you will feel like a completely new person who had a full 8 hours of sleep. Isn’t that what every adult’s dreams are made of?


  • The elliptical design of the wheel gives you relief without worrying about strengthening your muscles, increasing agility, and removing tension.
  • The wheel is made resistant to sweat, meaning that no bad odor or bacteria will be absorbed by its contents


  • The size of the wheel may be harder to use unlike standard round yoga wheels

10. Sukhamat Pro Series Dharma Yoga Wheel:

Sukhamat Pro Series Dharma Yoga Wheel

The SukhaMat yoga wheel is a quality choice for both beginner and advanced yogis. And with a great selection of colors and styles to choose from it won’t be hard to find what you like.

The outer layer is a TPE extra thick cushion and the inner wheel is made from an environmentally-friendly PC alloy. It holds your mat well and you will not experience any gapping between the inner and outer layers.

It comes in 12.5 x 5-inch diameter/width which is about 6′ Long for anyone. The width is just right between the shoulder blades and the length of your spine without being uncomfortable.

Extended comfort with extra thick TPE foam and high durability of PC alloy core make it a good value for your money.


  • Comes in many fun styles
  • Extra thick TPE cushion outside
  • can support up to 500 pounds
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not completely happy you can come back
  • Environmentally friendly materials


  • Some people have stated that the colors are not vibrant at the time of purchase

Benefits of Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel opens up a whole new world of workout experiments. From massaging your back to opening your hips and testing your balance – these are the tip of the iceberg, the fun use of the yoga wheel.

Massages your body and relieves back and neck pain. The easiest way to use a yoga wheel is to gently pull all the kinks in the neck and back out of the tailbone up your spine. Thanks to its width, a yoga wheel goes directly between the shoulder blades – an area that is impossible to reach with other massage props.

Just 10 minutes of a back massage will help you alleviate sore shoulders, back or neck pain, and reverse sitting and hump hours at your desk.

You can also use your yoga wheel for the foot massage. Similarly, to a traditional foam roller, a yoga wheel can help your stiff and tight muscles by increasing blood flow and speeding up recovery.

We think that the yoga wheel takes the upper hand when compared to foam rollers. It is more durable than foam rollers, which lose shape with use and provide a full-body warm-up before a workout.

A fair warning:

Do not expect miraculous rest during your first use. Like a massage, ironing those tight knots in your neck and spine can feel uncomfortable and a little painful.

If flexibility is not your strong point, you may want to add some extra support, such as a yoga blanket or yoga block to ease backbends and get more support.

1. Helps with flexibility

By keeping the back on the yoga wheel, you will get a pleasant stretch in the whole body, which will create space in the chest and abdominal muscles.

But thanks to its cool round design, the yoga wheel is a playing field for unending experimentation.

For example, try to open the side of your torso by bending your knees near the yoga wheel and placing your body above the prop. Or place the feet in the forward bend on the middle seat if you need extra support or the back of the legs to go deeper into the stretch.

2. Supports and prevents injury

By mimicking the curvature of your body and increasing the mobility of the spine over time, a yoga wheel acts as a scaffold in those not-so-beginner-friendly poses and makes them more accessible.

Whether you are working towards a split or full pigeon pose, a yoga wheel helps the body to warm up and prevents overheating or injury.

3. Improves Balance and Builds Core Strength

If you are looking for a challenge, then adding some balancing work or core burn to your yoga practice is always a great idea.

For example, try to put your feet on the wheel of yoga while in the plank posture. Start bending your knees and turn the yoga wheel forward to bring the legs up to your chest. Then, roll the wheel back into the plank.

Yoga offers many opportunities to play the wheel – just take care not to injure yourself if you lose stability. Start slow and become more difficult.

4. Helps improve handstand and cell

Pressing a yoga wheel against the back of your head provides a helpful imbalance and support in the inverted posture.

Advanced-level yogis can integrate a yoga wheel into the practice of hollow back, handstand, or Scorpio posture. Apart from being extra bulging from the floor, catching and holding something can also make a world of difference.

5. Adds challenge during meditation

The yoga wheel can completely change your meditation practice.

Simply place the shoulder towards the back of the blade and lean against the wall. You cannot spend anymore and have to keep yourself upright and currently focused on both.

How to Select the Superior Yoga Wheel – Yoga Wheels Buyer Guide

Whenever you are buying something to use with you or on your body, it is perfect for you. As our bodies are different, so must our products. We decided to put together this user-friendly buying guide below to ensure that you are buying the right yoga wheel for you.

1. Size

What size yoga wheel should I get? The answer to this very common question is usually there are three standard sizes of yoga wheels. Simply, they are small, medium, and large. The largest wheel is about 12-13 inches high and 5 inches wide. It is best for deep poses, bent back, and can assist you with both beginner and advanced rugs.

Medium-sized yoga wheels are about 10″ high and slightly smaller within the same width. They are good for small people or anyone who is ready to go deep into the backbend, but not ready to go without wheels

Small yoga wheels are about 6 “diameter/height and 5-6” wide. These actually help you to stretch the muscles of the throat as well as balance the stretching and poses. For example, the small yoga wheel can be placed under your back thigh during a lunge or as front support in a cobra so that you can begin to bend your back.

2. Shape

First of all, you want to get the right size wheel for you. Although most do not vary much in size, there are some that are much smaller than ideal. Take a look at our UpCircleSeven yoga wheel set.

They come in three different sizes. If you think you are much younger than the average adult, then we highly recommend you to get that set, because you can change your routine for the better and do one thing.

3. Weight Range / Durability

Also, keep in mind how much weight limit you need. The standard for high-quality equipment is going to be up to 550 pounds, but some that are slightly cheaper will be around 300.

After continuous use, they can begin to bend under your weight, and overall will last less so you should not worry about wear and tear.

4. Material

There may be only two materials from which yoga wheels are made of ABS plastic or cork.

ABS Plastic

It is a widely used material worldwide. It is known for being high-quality and durable in plastic terms, but when you compare it to something like cork, it won’t be as good. Also, ABS plastic is not the best for our environment, so if it is something that is important to you, keep this in mind.


Cork is generally slightly more expensive than plastic, but much more durable. If you do not feel like spending too much, we recommend opting for this material due to its incredible durability and unbreakable surprises under hundreds of pounds of weight.

5. Padding

As you read about each product above, padding is essential when looking for a top-notch yoga wheel. The most common material for this padding is a type of foam.

Padding will vary in thickness, and generally speaking, obese people received higher ratings from us and other consumers. The thickness level will determine your comfort level and prevent any pain from pressing the limbs and vertebrae under the rigid wheel.

However, the thickness is not the only important factor here. We really urge you to select one, which is considered sweat-and-smell-resistant. This means that your sweat is not absorbent, which is not only a hygiene issue but can also cause some unpleasant odors that are difficult to get rid of.

6. Hold

This adds a bit to the last point, but the grip is much larger when we are talking about a yoga motion that can easily slip and slide around and possibly cause injury. Since this is a wheel, you need a great grip to hold it and prevent it from spinning on the ground.


In spite all the advantages, a yoga wheel is not for all.

If you are looking for new yoga gear for restoration practice, a yoga wheel may not be the best option. The same goes for people with back injuries – check with a doctor before investing in a yoga wheel.

Nonetheless, we 100% advise getting a top-quality best yoga wheel for beginners: you will see quick progress with the backbend and you may get a mild home massage at any moment.

When your spine is becoming more relaxed and this is the best motivation for regular mobile exercises. Chronic slouchers and desk “warriors” will probably most appreciate the yoga wheel.

Thumping and breaking your back is not the best thing in the world. But it is a bit like yoga – forces you to get into your comfort zone, living in the present unpleasant moment, leaving many chaturangas in the whole class just to feel amazing afterward.

We hope you are as excited about your new yoga wheel as we are.

Happy wheeling!

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